Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Down Syndrome Awareness

Just a little over a year ago, my family was blessed with the presence of a new daughter, sister, grandchild, neice, and cousin! This was a very special little girl that my family fell head over hills in love with...her name is Maggie Rae. Please join us this month as we celebrate Maggie's special life and everyone else with that beautiful extra chromosone =]
You can meet Miss Maggie here!


  1. Aww Maggie is SO cute!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Good for you for going into Special Ed, Tennessee needs good Special Ed teachers BADLY!!! Have fun planning your wedding! I feel like we were just doing that... 12 years ago! LOL Time flies! :)

  2. thank you so much libby for spreading the love :) maggie sends kisses...

  3. Thank you so much for the comments on my blogs :) I'm glad you found it! Maggie is so precious <3